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River levels for whitewater kayakers - available by SMS

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The latest real-time streamflows, available on any mobile phone

Simply text "Level" and the river name to 855-685-3556

Currently monitoring over 9200 rivers in the US (and a few in BC)

All standard gauges and common nicknames for whitewater runs in the United States are supported (as well as a few in British Columbia). Many abbreviations are also supported, such as: NF for North Fork, Snoq for Snoqualmie, etc. For example, the following requests all return the same river information:

Try it out:

All USGS gauges are included and so are several other sources of river levels, such as the Washington Department of Ecology, USBR, and Dreamflows.com.

If you have the River Gypsies' Guide to North America, you can save some thumb typing and simply text the reach number instead of the river name. For example, text "Level 83" to 855-685-3556 to get the latest river level for the South Fork of the Yuba River at the Hwy. 49 bridge.


Current river level sources include: USGS, USBR, WA Dept. of Ecology, Dreamflows.com, BC Hydro, and Columbia Gorge Whitewater.